Skippy Protesting Creative Block


There’s this thing called creative block, and it is very real. Artists can be very introspective and get stuck in their heads. My cat Skippy likes to protest when the canvas is blank for too long, but I also wonder if she’s just been traumatized by my last seizure at home. There can be a number of ideas in your noodle, but apparently, this strange mental clusterfuck is necessary in order to get started, and sometimes it makes us act aloof. Pollock is a great example of creative block. From my experience in college, this is not uncommon. It is indeed painful, but for whatever reason we love it. Skippy has a hard time understanding but got used to it. I think Louis Wain would love this. This reading is usually my go-to when I experience something similar, kinda like I have during the past couple of months.

If you like reading, Julia Cameron’s new book The Listening Path explores “creative unblocking”.

All my love to fellow artists who can relate ❤

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